Divorce solution
SHforms allows practitioners or their staff to get court forms automatically generated, directly from our intuitive online intake questionnaire, which can be completed by the client, by staff, or collaboratively.

Our software is designed to allow it to mirror your firm's web design, use your firm’s logo, and give your clients the feel of working directly with you. It allows basic to professional design integration to customize the look and feel of your client’s experience.


  • Remotely assign the intake questionnaire to your clients via email to get the intake process accomplished by clients themselves, minimizing your time spent on client intake.
  • In doubt that clients can do it themselves? Our software allows you to complete the intake questionnaire on behalf of the client, or do it collaboratively
  • Work in person or remotely with your client.
  • Dynamic questionnaire offers only tailored questions, avoiding unnecessary overload with questions not related to their situation and relationship.
  • Integrated calculation mechanism helps to get rid of manual calculations in property division sections.
  • Comprehensive hints ecosystem provides detailed and simple explanations of questions and guides answers, significantly reducing time spent on clarifications.
  • Automatic data saving feature helps user restart from where they left off, and limits losing data in case of interruptions.
  • Software automatically populates the data throughout the three stages of divorce questionnaire avoiding repeated input of the same data.
  • Capability of asking questions directly to assigned staff user aiding interactive communication with the client.
  • Possibility to review the client or staff entered data by the practitioner allows the process to be supervised.

Our enhanced process gets you all the court forms you need, in one click:

  • Get the required court forms with not only common but 100% completion of necessary inputted data.
  • The generated PDF forms are editable, allowing changes directly in the forms.
  • Generate PDF forms an unlimited number of times. This allows the client, or staff to go back and make changes in the questionnaire, which carry forward to all forms. Eliminating the need to make changes to each PDF manually upon discovery of an error or omission.
  • Leverage numerous extra administrative features.