SHforms (Simply Human Forms) was born from a desire to do things better and do them more efficiently. One of our founders, is a California lawyer. One of his first job’s in the legal field was as a client intake clerk. He would sit for hours, speaking to client after client, writing down answers to a questionnaire. He would then transfer that information to the law firm’s proprietary data base which was created two decades before he even began working at the firm. Finally, he would transfer the information collected from the clients, to court forms for another attorney to review.
Although he had gone to law school at night while working full-time during the day for 5 years, and then put his life on hold to pass the Bar exam, nothing seemed more grueling than doing the data entry required to properly support a client’s case. This experience made him question whether there might be a better, and more cost effective, way of getting client information. So, he and two other legal minds, founded SHforms, with the intention of streamlining client intake and data management.
SHforms provides an efficient, time saving and more value producing tool for clients, law firms, mediators, and arbitrators as they confront the realities of a legal profession that strives to satisfy its needs in the newer, faster paced, legal arena.
We hope that SHforms can provide you and your firm a customized solution for your California Divorce Practice.